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Sex Doll Customization

Can I customize my doll?

As a professional doll Professional Sex Dolls Manufacturer, we can provide customized options

For most dolls we offer many options to customize her appearance (head, height, bust, wig,skin color, and more…).
This allows you to create a 100% unique customized doll among thousands of possible combinations!

please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to serve you, thank you

The following customized items will not incur additional costs


What options can I customize?


Q1, What’s your material?

  A: High quality medical TPE


Q2,Doll head sell separately?
A:Sure! Doll head and extra doll body can be sold separately.


Q3,Is the doll head removable?
A:Yes, all the doll heads are removable. We have 17 kinds of bodies and 46 kinds of heads. They can free combination.


Q4,Can I order the custom face?
A:No, because the image rights: we don't offer face custom work. We have 46 head for you choice.


Q5,Make the doll breast bigger or smaller?
A:The doll mould is fixed, the doll breast size can not change. But you can choice different body which have bigger or smaller breast.


Q6,If I order a doll pubic hair, is it removable?
A:Although the hair can rub off with time, it is not removable as it is glued to the silicone skin of the doll. If you remove the pubic hair patch, there will always be “scarring” on the silicone.

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