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Confidential Delivery  

Is the shipping discreet ?

Absolutely! With any package you receive from us, we will always keep the boxes plain yet resistant.  
No pictures and words on the box. NO ONE will know what is inside except for you.

What is your shipping time ?

Between 8 to 14 days.

After we confirm receipt of your payment we will start manufacturing your doll. For most dolls it takes around 3 business days to manufacture the doll, and another  5 business days for it to arrive at your door.

Do you ship everywhere?

We cannot send to all countries, such as Muslim countries and India.

 If I don't want it delivered at home, what can we do?

We will ask the carrier (FeDex, DHL, UPS…) to keep your doll at their facilities.  You can then go pick it up.  
Just be sure to bring your tracking number. Alternatively we can also arrange for you a delivery at your home at a certain time.

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