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Dolls Maintenance

All you need to do is:
heartKeep the doll is a dry place.
heartAvoid excessive heat and humidity.
heartPlease Note:  To prevent clothes from fading on the skin, don’t press clothes when making love to the doll.  
heartPlease be sure to undress the doll when not in use.To avoid wearing out the underarm or on other parts of the skin,
heartPlease keep arms and legs straight and parallel with the body when not in use.

heartPlease use a mild shower gel to clean your doll before or after each use 
✎ Dry with a towel and use baby powder to make the skin smooth and dry. 
✎ Put on clothes and keep it clean. be careful when moving dolls. 
✎ Please don’t keep high limit poses for a long time. store in a cool and ventilated place. 

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